March 2, 2021

Cape Byron Restoration

Cape Byron Restoration Interior and Exterior

When talking large scale repaints, we’ve got to mention Cape Byron. Though commenced over 12 months ago, we’re still yet to be finished!

That’s because the Cape Byron project is a complete exterior repaint for the 70 weatherboard houses of a homely retirement village.

We said large scale.

But more than just sheer size, this is a particularly pleasurable undergoing because of the people.

Being a retirement village nestled in Byron Bay, we were asked to sensitive to the lifestyle of residents. So, we continue to work closely with onsite management and each resident to know the most convenient times to go in and work without imposition.

And I’ll tell you what, there are definitely worse people to work with than Byron retirees.

On the project spec side of things, the goal has been restorative. We know repaints always bring new life to any home but, by specific colour choice and painting styles, we are able to pay respect to the original era of the buildings rather than change things too much.

So, after much scraping, sanding, gapping, filling and spraying, we are left with these transformations:

Elite Choice Cape Byron Exterior restoration
Elite Choice Graco Paint Sprayer Exterior respray
Elite Choice Cape Byron Home repaint
Cape Byron Exterior Repaint Finished by Elite Choice

If you’ve got a home transformation or restoration coming out, we’d love to chat it over. Just reach out and let’s see how we can help!