Personal Hairstyling Studio for World Hair Royalty

February 25, 2022

The team is back together, and it’s for something quite special.

The Byron Bay area homes a great variety of people. Today it is world-renown hairstylist and product developer, Kevin Murphy. Known for his sense of style and pioneering take on haircare products, this time the attention is turned to his personal hairstyling studio and office.

Alongside the usual musketeers, HGA Architects and JD Built, the goal was to create a space that would rightly inspire. In pursuit of this goal, we found the need for some very customised touches.

See HGA Architects office fit-out project

For the EliteChoice team, this most notably meant the feature aluminium office french doors, salon shelving units and the surrounding wall. The design called for these features to match the finish of the faux golden brass tap fixtures and door hinges – not an everyday, off-the-shelf solution. 

We’re always up for a bit of experimentation, so with some testing, we came to a  precise combination of Murobond’s Aqua Glaze Pearl – in ‘Golden Silk’ – and their Bridge Paint – in ‘Hemp’ – thus the custom colour was ready for application.

Given the fine-finish requirements on both the aluminium framing and shelving units, we opted for the best of finishes with Graco’s HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) 9.5 paint sprayer. Like Mum’s special towels, this one is for special occasions.

Kitchen cabinet painting
Kitchen overhead cupboard painting
Byron Bay office
Murobond paint custom colour
Graco HVLP fine finish paint spraying

What remained was some timber detailing that we used Fiddes Wax Oil for, then the main interior walls and ceiling got a few coats of trusted Dulux

We are thankful for the uniqueness of this job, always enjoying the flex of the colour mixing muscle.

Thank you to Kevin Murphy, HGA Architects and JD Built for your collaboration.

If you have any specialty finishes whether a customer colour desire or aluminium framing, get in contact with us. We’d love to start the conversation.