Mullumbimby Bank – My most challenging prep job yet

August 2, 2021

You know the saying, “You only get out what you put in?”

Well, we got a lot out of this one. A lot.

Partnering once again with Harley Graham Architects and JD Built, the Mullumbimby bank renovation project marks one of the most challenging repaint/restorations we’ve undertaken.

Surface preparation usually marks the majority of any painting project, but Mullumbimby was a whole other level.

The project included the entire interior and exterior of the building, with the combined goal of respecting and restoring the heritage-tone of this project, whilst still bringing a fresh innovative look. The team from JD Built made a few additions, but much of the building was kept original.

The interior painting covered the refinish of the white plaster walls, requiring an insane amount of filling and patching, and restoration of the original Queensland Maple accents. The Mirka dustless sanding system, specifically the LEROS (aka. long electric random orbital sander), came in handy sanding the many hundreds of patches and skimming. But there’s nothing but good ol’ hand labour of love to get that Maple back to life.

To give a sense of scope, the Maple was used for all building trim, skirting, doors and windows – all 45 of them. The existing failed delaminated polyurethane coating had to be manually removed, before preparing the surface for a re-stain followed by two coats of Feast Watson Gloss Clear.

For the exterior, there was a complete repaint of all gutters, fascia, soffits/eaves, the front parapet, and pipework in Dulux Weathershield Semi Gloss. Remember those windows? All 45 needed heavy sanding, assisted by the Festool Rotex and Mirka dustless extraction system, then reglazed and filled, followed by oil-based undercoats and finished off with Dulux Weathershield Gloss.

A massive thank you to Harley Graham Architects and JD Built for the opportunity. This was a memorable project!

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