Newrybar Fine Finish Cabinetry

September 15, 2021

Overlooking rolling hills and the New South Wales coastline, this Newrybar property was a fun practice in fine finish cabinetry.

Our friends at JD Built were on the job looking after the installation of new decking when the client approached me regarding kitchen cabinetry. After an updated look, they were weighing the options of replacement or refinish

Originally sporting a pretty outdated dark beige, the kitchen didn’t reflect the tone of the rest of the property, so it was time for some fine finish work.

Fine finish cabinetry is a very different style of painting than the usual interior repaints. It requires more specialised equipment and material that provides superior protection and a level 5 surface finish.

So, grabbing the Mirka dustless sanding system and the Graco High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) sprayer; I got to work.

All the cabinet doors were carefully removed, then, relocating to a more dust-controlled location onsite, we got to work stripping back the dark beige to its original finish. This is where the Mirka makes its money, so there was no problem.

We used a two-pack primer, to give that higher-level protection that higher-use cabinetry requires. This was followed up with two coats of Dulux Duration T74 Gloss in White Duck Half to match existing paintwork.

With a relatively quick refitting, this is how the kitchen turned out:

Newrybar Kitchen Before
Newrybar Kitchen Finished
Newrybar Kitchen Cabinetry Elite Choice Painting
Graco High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spraying cabinetry doors
Fine Finish Cabinetry level 5 finish

BUT, this was only part one of this three-part project. 

The JD Built installed deck awaited its first coats of protection and finish. Before touching that though, I went through and repainted the entire exteriors worth of rendered walls and cladding.

I’m a big fan of the finish and protection of Cutek, so I enjoyed the views as the deck soaked up Cutek’s best.

Newrybar deck refinish with Cutek
Byron Bay Deck Stain
Exterior render and cladding painting services

Thanks to the client and JD Built for the opportunity to get the HVLP out. If you have any kitchen cabinetry or fine finish work that you’d like some help with, get in touch with James and let’s start with a conversation.

All the best.